What information do I need to set up an account?

You need a valid email address and password. A verification email will be sent to the sign-in ID email address associated with the account, so please register the email address you frequently check.

I didn't get the verification email. What should I do?

There may be delays in receiving the verification email due to network traffic. If you still didn't receive the verification email after a while, please search your spam folder. If you can't find it there either, please contact us at info@syncodax.com with "Verification Email" as the subject title.

When is the token sale scheduled?

Token sale will take place as described in the schedule below. However, it can end earlier if all tokens allocated for the pre-sales and public-sale are sold out before the scheduled ending dates. 1st Pre-Sale: 2018/05/30 (UTC+9) - 2018/06/19 (UTC+9) 2nd Pre-Sale: 2018/06/30 (UTC+9) – 2018/07/20 (UTC+9) Public-Sale: 2018/07/30 (UTC+9) - 2018/08/19 (UTC+9)

How can I participate in the token sale?

1. Set up an account by clicking SIGN UP on the upper right portion of our website. 2. Verify your email account by confirming the verification email sent to the sign-in ID email address. 3. Finish KYC process by clicking KYC at the top of the website. 4. Click INVESTMENT at the top of the website. If you don't register your wallet address, please register your wallet address first. 5. Send Ethereum from your registered wallet to Synco Chain's ICO address. 6. After the token sale, tokens proportional to your investment will be sent to the wallet you sent payment from.

When is the deadline to participate in the ICO?

Token sale will be finished once the allocated tokens are all sold out, or according to the aformentioned schedule.

Are there any prerequsites to participate in the ICO?

You can participate in the ICO after successfully completing the KYC verification and whitelisting processes.

Are there countries excluded from participation?

Citizens or residents of the following countries are excluded from participation: the U.S., China

Which currencies are accepted to participate in the ICO?

We only accept Ethereum to participate in the Synco token ICO.

Which wallet is suitable for the token sale?

Any Ethereum wallet that complies with ERC20 token standards such as MyEtherWallet and Metamask are acceptable.

Would it be okay to make a payment with a different wallet from the one I entered before?

You must use the wallet registered on our website to send Ethereum. We do not allow payment from unregistered wallets and the amount will be returned to the sent address excluding the transaction fee.

Is it okay to use an exchange wallet?

We do not allow ICO participation with an exchange wallet. You must use your own individual wallet, and Synco Chain will not reimburse any damage or loss incurred from using an exchange wallet.

Can I switch to a different wallet during the ICO process?

No, you can’t.

Is there a minimum and maximum cap on how much I can invest in?

Yes, an individual must invest a minimum of 1 ETH and a maximum of 10 ETH.

What happens if I send an amount different from the one I entered before?

Tokens will be distributed proportional to the amount actually sent.

What happens if the soft cap or the hard cap are not achieved?

A soft cap refers to the minimum needed for the project to proceed. If the soft cap hasn't been reached by the due date, the ICO will be scrapped and all received funds will be returned to the participants. A hard cap is the maximum amount an ICO will receive, so the ICO will continue to proceed if the hard cap isn't been achieved by the due date. To date, the funds raised by Synco Chain have already surpassed the soft cap during the private sale round.

How will the current price of Ethereum be decided?

The price of Ethereum for the purpose of pre-sale will be based on the USD price of Ethereum on Coinmarket Cap (https://coinmarketcap.com/). Each day at 3:00PM KST (06:00AM GMT) Ethereum price will be recorded. This price will be applied to all pre-sale taking place for a 24-hour period beginning at 9:00AM KST (00:00 GMT) of the following day. The current conversion rate between ETH and SYNCO will be displayed on SyncoChain website.

Is there any advantage or discount for participating in the pre-sale?

There isn't any additional bonus, but you can buy a token at a cheaper price if you partcipate early.

Can I participate in each of the first and second pre-sales and the public sale?

Yes, you can. But you cannot use a different wallet. You should re-use the wallet registered before.

How can I check my transaction history?

You can check it on MY PAGE at the top of the website, after logging in.

How long will it take to confirm my payment?

It will take at least a few minutes to a few hours depending on the conditions of the Ethereum network.

When will tokens be distributed to my wallet?

Synco tokens will be sent to the registered wallet after the ICO has concluded.

How can I find out about the number of tokens to be received before the actual distribution?

You can check it on MY PAGE at the top of the website, after logging in.

Is it possible to purchase tokens after the token sale?

No, it is impossible to buy tokens after the sale. But you can trade them once the token is listed on exchanges after the ICO has finished.

How many tokens will be distributed during the pre-sales and the public sale?

The total supply is 13 billion tokens. 50% of them, or 6.5 billion tokens, will be sold during the ICO.

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting is when you register the address of your wallet that you will use for the ICO, and enter your investment amount. The investment amount can be changed at the time of payment, but the registered wallet cannot be changed.

Can the amount I entered during the whitelisting differ from the actual amount sent?

Yes, the actual amount paid will be considered as the amount you have actually invested.

I don't have any wallets. How can I create a wallet?

You can create a wallet on MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Please refer to the below link. https://medium.com/benebit/how-to-create-a-wallet-on-myetherwallet-and-metamask-e84da095d888

What is KYC verification and why is it needed?

It is the abbreviation of "Know Your Customer", and it is a process to verify the identification of participants in the ICO. You need to complete the KYC verification process to participate in the ICO.

Can I still participate in the token sale even though I don't complete the KYC verification process?

No, you cannot participate in the token sale unless you successfully complete the KYC verification process.

How will the KYC verification process be completed?

It will be carried out by a firm that specializes in KYC verification procedures.

How long will the KYC verification process take?

It will take anywhere from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks.

What information do I need to submit for KYC verification?

Information needed for the KYC verification process is as below: 1. Your real name and phone number 2. A clear photo of one of the following: your passport cover page, national resident ID card, or driver's license that clearly shows your face. 3. A clear photo of yourself holding one of the submitted identification materials above which clearly shows your face. 4. A scanned copy or a clear photo of your proof of address: bank statement, utility bill, or a driver’s license (if it displays your residential address).

Which ID cards are acceptable for KYC verification?

Passport cover page, driver's license, and/or national resident ID card.

What area should I hide when I submit ID card?

Please check the following link http://sumsub.com/how-to-pass-verification

How will the information used in KYC verification be handled?

Your personal information will be encrypted during transmission, and Synco Chain will not store any of your personal data. The data will only be used for personal identity verification purposes.